Techstack, an Online Gadget Marketplace With a Difference Developed by Chima

Chima Onumaegbu is one of the members of Moat Academy cohort 20 boot camp. Before the boot camp came to an end, Chima conceptualized and developed an Online Gadget Marketplace he called TechStack.

TechStack is an online marketplace where users can sell, buy and rent tech gadgets from one another.

What makes Techstack different from other marketplace of its kind is the rentals part of it. In today’s world, the manufacturers are fast releasing newer version of tech gadgets and consumers don’t even have a chance to test the gadget before making purchases, they mostly settle for online reviews but with TechStack, the users will have the chance to hire their choice gadget and have a good feel of it before putting their hard-earned money on it.

And, for professionals that often need high-end gadgets such as drones in rendering their services; without breaking the bank, they will be able to access them by hiring from others on the platform. We see TechStack becoming the Airbnb of tech gadgets!

Chima presenting Techstack

He developed the application from scratch to completion using Python Flask with Ajax technology at the Backend and HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript ( Jquery) for the frontend. He used MySQL RDMS for the database design and consumed Paystack payment API for users to make payment on the platform.

Another remarkable software developer has been added into the industry. Congratulations Chima and the entire Cohort 20!