An interview with our Alumnus, Abimbola Adeitan (Software Developer at Professionals File Inc.)

" I got a new job within a few days after the boot camp and I have continued to wow a lot of people whom I have worked together with so far"- Abimbola

An interview with our Alumnus, Abimbola Adeitan (Software Developer at Professionals File Inc )

Moat Academy: Can we meet you?

My name is Adeitan Abimbola Moses. I am a graduate of Accounting from the Tai Solarin University of Education ( Tasued).

Moat Academy: What were you doing before coming to Moat Academy?

Before I came to Moat Academy, I was the creative director at Pickmeup Services. A Logistics Startup that I started with my friend back in 2018. But the love for innovative solutions, made me enroll at Moat Academy for the necessary skills needed.

Moat Academy: What exactly do you want to achieve with the software development skills?

Like I said earlier, I am well known for my innovative ideas. However, this can only be complete when necessary skills are put in place. So what I really want to achieve with the software skills I have gained at Moat, is to develop solutions that will be of benefit to my environment and to the nation at large in different sectors.

Moat Academy: Why did you choose Moat Academy for Developers?

Before choosing Moat Academy, I went around with my friend to check out different options but on getting to moat academy, i was attracted to the learning environment. The use of necessary teaching materials and aids around the classroom made me fall in love with them and on the spot, I decided this is where I was going to enroll.

Moat Academy: How have things changed for you since gaining software development skills?

My life has really changed since the completion of my bootcamp at Moat Academy. I got a new job within a few days after the bootcamp and I have continued to wow a lot of people whom I have worked together with so far. The knowledge and the discipline to work embedded in us at the bootcamp keep helping me. I will be forever thankful to myself for making the best decision of enrolling at Moat Academy.

Moat Academy: What was your biggest fear before coming to Moat Academy and what do you feel about it now?

I never had any fear before enrolling at Moat Academy but I have always been wondering how people write codes that are functional and of different use. All I wanted was to start writing my own codes and as well be part of the developers’ family. Thank God my wish has finally come to pass and I am now seeing my challenges as a minor thing to deal with. Moat really built a new person in me.

Moat Academy: How will you describe your experience in Moat Academy?

I will say my experience at moat was a really good one. The Trainers are so intelligent, welcoming and always open to correction. The morning session played a big role. I also met promising individuals who I know are going to be great devs as well. Above all, I am sincerely happy I came to Moat Academy.

Moat Academy: What have you been able to achieve with the training?

As earlier said, I got a job immediately some days after the boot camp as a junior full stack Web-dev. The confidence to work on live projects has been on the high side and to cap it all, my final bootcamp project will be launched later this month, and I have really received so much good feedback concerning this. All this wouldn't have been possible without the knowledge at Moat.

Moat Academy: Can you share your experiences with us since you graduated from Moat Academy?

My experience so far has been good, being able to work on existing codes and adding your quota to it has been fun; Learning everyday from senior colleagues. I keep learning and practicing everyday.

Moat Academy What advice do you have for those coming into Moat Academy?

I will advise anyone coming into moat to be ready to learn and put in the hard work. The bootcamp period is so demanding and you must be able to give it your total best. Never take any part of the training for a Joke!

Moat Academy: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5years, I hope to be a Senior Software Engineer with one of the big giants in Europe. It is Possible!