Our Participants’ Projects in their First 3 weeks at Moat Academy Coding Boot Camp

At Moat Academy, we raise competent software developers in the shortest possible time, and this we have always achieved with many of our Alumni working in various tech companies.

In just three weeks at the boot camp, our present cohort 9 participants are starting off their journey into the field on the right foot, it’s amazing what they have been able to achieve within the short time here:

During the first week, participants learned various HTML tags and how to lay out their webpage using the table tag.

In Week 2, participants learned how they can beautify their websites using CSS styles to overwrite the default browser behavior in displaying the HTML tags, we moved on to how to lay out web pages using CSS DIV, Float, positioning and to achieve some responsiveness with Flexbox and media queries.

The focus of Week 3 was on building Responsive websites. Our participants learned a lot about bootstrap 4 "classes" and were able to lay out their web pages to make websites that can adjust their sizes according to the screen size of any device, through their week-three take-home assignment( where they were told to imagine themselves as an already established software developers with all their desired skills and develop a suitable personal responsive website ). We are featuring the under-listed projects from each of the week:

Week One (Please click image to view project)

Week 1 - A sample website for NGO using HTML Table by Habib Bello

Week Two (Please click image to view project)

Week 2- A sample website for a real estate company by Tolu Sanwoolu using CSS DIV

Week Three (Please click image to view respective project)

Personal Website designed by Timi Ojo using bootstrap 4 and custom CSS

Personal website desined by Sanwoolu Tolu using bootstrap 4 and custom CSS

Personal website designed by Habib Bello using bootstrap 4 and custom CSS