Trashit, a Waste Management App Developed by Abimbola, Cohort 20 Member

In the just concluded boot camp this week at Moat Academy, we saw different projects of choice developed by our participants, among which was Trashit developed by Abimbola Adeitan.

Your first impression of Abimbola, popularly called Skima at the boot camp is that he is a people person; beyond this striking nature of his, is his conscientiousness personality. Having been armed with the software development skills, he decided to deploy these skills to bring his long overdue brainchild, Trashit to live.

Trashit is a web application developed to manage the collection and disposal of recyclable waste with financial rewards to the users.

The challenge of waste management in Lagos is daunting, even to the state government. The state generates about 14,000 metric tons of waste daily, the state Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu said in August, last year that the government has spent N2 billion on waste disposal. Having identified the two major pain points of the management of waste in the state to be collection and disposal, Abimbola has not only decided to slay this two-headed hydra with Trashit but to also create a new channel of wealth for Lagos and Ogun state residents.

Please click on the image below to watch the presentation of Trashit:

Abimbola presenting Trashit

Abimbola was able to develop this application from scratch to completion long before the end of the bootcamp using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Classes and Javascript ( Jquery) for the front-end and MySQL RDMS along with PHP OOP with Ajax for the back-end. He was also able to develop another web application, an online forum using PHP Laravel before leaving the boot camp.

We are happy to have stayed true to our commitment of raising remarkable developers that will contribute their quota to the software development industry and to the nation as a whole.