So I Graduated From Moat Academy on Dec 5 and About a Week Later, I Got a Job – Alex

An interview with our Alumnus, Alexander Adedeji(now employed as a software developer )

Can we meet you?
My name is Alexander Adedeji, I was a student of the cohort 15 boot camp that ended in December 2020.

What were you doing before coming to Moat Academy?
I was a junior accountant at a firm on the island. Before and during Moat Academy

What exactly do you want to achieve with the software development skills?
Move humanity forward with Software Solutions that make life easier for people.

Why did you choose Moat Academy for Developers?

Well, when I decided to switch career and go into tech. I was looking for a boot camp where I could get the most in a short period and I would not break the bank. Out of all the boot camps I researched, Moat Academy had amazing reviews and testimony for the tuition fee they were requesting and looking back, I can gladly say I made the right choice.

How has things changed for you since gaining software development skills?
Programming has helped me become more of a logical thinker than I was, now anytime I look at a problem, any problem at all, I subconsciously break it down into various part and find the best possible solution.

What was your biggest fear before coming to Moat Academy and what do you feel about it now?
That I was just going to waste my time and energy and would probably not learn anything by the end of the 3 months, because people usually say tech is hard but Moat Academy changed that.

How will you describe your experience in Moat Academy?
Moat Academy was intense, fun but intense, the tutors were more than helpful in teaching industry best practices, I did not just learn software development at Moat Academy, I learnt industry best practices, which I must say have impressed my employer a lot.

What have you been able to achieve with the training?

I have been able to acquire software skills, job offers, among other things.

Can you share your experiences with us since you graduated from Moat Academy?
So I graduated from Moat Academy on Dec 5 and about a week later, I got a job. Just being fresh out of the boot camp and into the industry was like from a fishpond to the ocean. First week was rocky because I had to learn a different framework from what I was taught. Surprisingly, I picked it up pretty fast, and in my first two months of working, I have learnt two different frameworks and been a part of three different completed projects, that alone got rid of any fear or doubt I had about myself .

What advice do you have for those coming into Moat Academy?
I think what most people struggle with is that, what Moat Academy is offering is too good to be true. I had that same struggle my first two weeks, until one day during the soft skills classes (Please never miss these classes) that if I followed all the rules and principles, they could promise me that I would get into the industry. I am glad I followed, because I am reaping a lot, so please if your reason for coming to Moat Academy is to be a software developer, just follow everything. It is just for 3 months. You will not regret it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Running a Software company dedicated to building Apps and software to make life easy for humanity

Moat Academy, Accelerating your Career Path in the Software Development Industry