Moat Academy: A Gateway to a Software Development Career

A “gateway to something” as defined by Cambridge dictionary is a way of achieving something.

Yes, Moat Academy is solidly a gateway to a career in the software development industry with proven track records.

For example, just to mention a few of our participants that graduated last year, 2021 and where they now work:
▪ Adedayo Balogun, Full Stack Developer - ACOMART Media Group LLC
▪ Ehueriken Samuel, Full Stack Developer- Fidelity Bank
▪ Emmanuel Oladapo,Software Engineer-VeraPax Technologies
▪ Olamide Olaniyi, Full Stack Developer Quadracle Solutions Limited
▪ Stephen Ogundele, Software Engineer - Novaji Introserve
▪ Toheeb Oyekola- Full Stack Web Developer- Ritemate Technologies
▪ Toluwanimi Sola-Adeyemi- Software Developer, CWG
▪ Prosper Ibe- Software Developer- Safic Technologies Ltd

Do you desire to start a career as a software developer or switch from your present career path to software development?

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Successful Applicants will be trained to handle the following responsibilities:

Web Application Front End Development using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, building responsive website using Bootstrap classes, Javascript, Jquery and React Js


Server-Side Programming: MySQL Database modeling and handling, PHP or Python Programming using OOP and Laravel or Flask Framework respectively, AJAX along with other technologies that make development seamless.