An interview with our Alumna, Toluwanimi Sola-Adeyemi ( Software Developer at CWG)

“I got a new job in this field within a month of completion … love to code, debug, etc now and I never knew I would.” - Toluwanimi

Moat Academy: Can we meet you?

My name is Toluwanimi Sola-Adeyemi. I am 22 years old and I have a BA in English as well as an MSc in Finance, both from the University of Kentucky.

Moat Academy: What were you doing before coming to Moat Academy?

Before coming to Moat Academy I was completing my Finance degree, and I was quickly realizing it was not the path I wanted to continue on in life.

Moat Academy: What exactly do you want to achieve with the software development skills?

With the software development skills I gained from Moat Academy, I want to build/contribute to building meaningful products. Products that have positive impacts on everyone that use them.

Moat Academy: How have things changed for you since gaining software development skills?

My life has completely changed since I attended Moat Academy. I got a new job in this field within a month of completion and I am discovering a part of myself that I never knew. I love to code, debug, etc now and I never knew I would.

Moat Academy: What was your biggest fear before coming to Moat Academy and what do you feel about it now?

My biggest fear before coming to Moat Academy was that I would not be able to grasp the concepts being taught because I wasn’t good at maths. Most times I would hear CS (Computer Science) students say that you have to be good at math if not you will not succeed in coding. I have overcome this fear now because even though I’m still not the strongest mathematician, a lot of coding is also logic and using your brain to think about why/how etc, and Moat Academy really helped me with this.

Moat Academy: How will you describe your experience in Moat Academy?

I would describe my experience at Moat Academy as a very enriching and empowering one. The STEM field is one that is so male-dominated and one of our trainers at Moat was a woman, so I was very pleased and encouraged to learn from her every day.

Moat Academy: What have you been able to achieve with the training?

As I mentioned earlier, I received a job offer about a month after graduating from CWG PLC where I am now a Software Developer. Without Moat Academy I would not have felt confident enough to apply or even make it past the technical interviews. I have had to pick up other technologies/languages/frameworks at work but it is made easier with the foundational knowledge I gained from Moat.

Moat Academy: What advice do you have for those coming into Moat Academy?

I would advise anyone coming to Moat Academy to be ready to learn. The training is very hands-on and the morning leadership sessions are also very useful for your life after Moat.

Moat Academy: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to be a Senior Software Engineer either heading my own company or working for a company that is building things to empower Nigerians (not just payment applications).