Some Web Applications Developed by our Last Cohort

Compliments of the season to you!

Moat Academy Cohort 19 boot camp ended December 10, 2021. Our participants were trained to the proficiency level that they can develop full-fledged web application on their own – both the frontend and backend. Here are some of the applications developed by some members of the cohort:

Classified Ads Site, PostPlug by Samuel

Click on image to vivit Postplug

Samuel developed a Classified Ads Site where registered users can post their products/services and the admin of the application authorizing for display to the public.

Fashion Ecommerce Site, Jayden & Alexis by Gideon

Click on Image to visit Jayden&Alexis site

Gideon developed an ecommerce site to merchandise fashion wears common to techies such as hoodies, T-shirts and shoes and also consumed the Paystack API for payment gateway integration.



Narrating his experience at the boot camp, Gideon had these to say:
“Firstly, I will start by saying it has been a long journey through this academy with all the failures I had during the bootcamp that helped me to get better. I can’t just believe that I am finally becoming a software developer in three months. Wow!! Before coming to moat academy I never believed it was possible to train someone to become a developer within such a short period of time. And I am sure the feeling is the same for everyone that joined the bootcamp.
Secondly, I thank God for my journey through the bootcamp. They really tried with the experience of the trainers over here. It was so easy to understand .It was hard at first but along the line it became easy day by day. With the non-stop assignments and mini-projects, I just thank God that through all the sleepless nights and hard work I was able to grab the knowledge. Moat Academy made me to realize that nothing is impossible to achieve in this life, once you put your mind to it and you are ready to embrace the pain with enough grit you will come out with a great result at the end.
Lastly, I want to thank moat academy for making the bootcamp an interesting one. And, the experienced trainers that brought us up in the knowledge of coding .Because I know this is an extraordinary skill that is not easy to master and can also change lives.”