Pieces of Advice on “how to be a high Flyer at Moat Academy Bootcamp” from a Moat Academy Alumnus, Afeh ( Web Developer with Dipole Diamond Ltd)

“Every instruction you are given is meant to serve a purpose, you will do yourself much good to follow and adhere to each and every one of them no matter what issues they touch on, or how they may sound at the time of giving.”  – Afeh

Below are 8 important tips (on how to be a high flyer at our bootcamp) given by Afeh an Alumnus who graduated from our bootcamp in March, 2018 :

  1. Attempt to attend every class and to be punctual; learning a topic from your cohort mate is good but getting it oven-fresh from the faculty is best.
  2. Ask questions and do not be ashamed to ask till you understand; and even when you think you have understood, confirm from the facilitator that what you understand is actually what he/she has said. One of the great things about Moat Academy is that the faculty is not averse to question-asking, in fact they welcome it.
  3. Even when questions pop up outside of class, it is advisable you write them down as clearly as possible so you can ask later.
  4. Attempt every classwork and homework… they test your grasp of what has been taught and also serve as means of providing you with intelligent questions you can ask so your learning can be deeper.
  5. Practice, practice, practice…  can this be ever over-emphasized? I think not! Some of you may face challenges as I did with electrical power supply and the likes; when I began to lag behind during/after the Bootstrap classes, serially missing out on home assignments (though I was doing quite well in the classwork exercises), I had to follow the faculty’s counsel on finding a solution so my goals & training would not be jeopardized.
  6. The career sessions are an important of the BootCamp programme, you will do yourself much wrong to joke with them.
  7. Complete at least an appreciable portion of your Final Project, the knowledge and insight you will gain from the experience especially with the Faculty around to guide you through cannot be overlooked; it will give you something tangible to showcase at the end of the training and boost your confidence moving forward.
  8. And lastly, get to know your cohort mates, interact with them and know them beyond the confines of the classroom.


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