Morgan J Lopes Speaks to Moat Academy Cohort 20 on Soft Skills for Software Developers

Programming abilities alone are not enough to get hired and sustain a lasting career within tech; at times we often undervalue traits that set excellent software engineers apart from the average. Even those who struggle with coding concepts can differentiate themselves by leaning into the skills accessible to everyone.

On Wednesday, March 2nd ; Morgan J Lopes ( the co-author of Code School: Overcome Imposter Syndrome. Kick-Start Your Tech Career. ) was with us via Zoom to take our Cohort 20 members on Soft Skills for Software Developers.

Morgan co-founded Polar Notion, a software agency in Atlanta, and served as CEO for ten years. He currently serves at the CTO for New Story Charity (YC 15), named Fast Company's World Most Innovative Company four consecutive years.

The session was very impactful and our participants were inspired and energized. He broadly divided the soft skills into four:

• Transference
• Communication
• Time Management
• Professionalism

Morgan took a deep dive into these four to bring them home to our participants.

Watch the video recording here.