Participants’ Projects in Just 3 Weeks at the Boot Camp

The cohort 11 boot camp started with our participants introduced to various HTML tags to create their web pages and taken through various best practices to inculcate in their design in the first week.

In the second week, they experienced how to make good designs with CSS, which extended to achieving responsiveness with flexbox and media query.

During the third week, they were introduced to building responsive web designs with bootstrap classes. At the end, they were given a task to show forth their creativity and express their ingenuity by envisioning themselves as professionals with desirable skills and portfolios; and then come of up with befitting personal website prototypes.

We showcase below some of these personal websites. With 8 more weeks still to be spent at the bootcamp, the industry should be in expectant of these budding talents!

Design by Dika

Design by Adeola

Design by Taiwo

Design by Olanrewaju

Design by Oladimeji

Design by Sam

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