Event PS (a Web Application) developed by a Participant, Toluwalakin Sanwoolu during our boot camp

Friday, 21 December 2018 was the last day of our Cohort 9 coding boot camp which started 11 weeks ago. Our participants learnt so much right from front end to back end web application development technologies; they were given the liberty to build any web application of their choice as their final boot camp project in demonstrating their learning.

Among them, was a calm and determined young man, Toluwalakin Sanwoolu who once described himself as “someone filled with strong passion for software development”, he chose to develop an Event Management platform because of his interest to solve the problem being faced by some of his close friends who are event planners: which is the difficulty in getting suitable venues and event professionals (vendors) such as photographers, makeup artists and so on. He named the project which has now become his first developed full-fledged web application, Event PS.

Event PS is a one-stop shop for event planners, where they can search for listed venues by venue owners and listed vendors (professionals such as DJ, photographer etc who are needed for a successful event). Also, event lovers can search for events of their interest and make ticket purchases.

Truly, it is a loaded platform with the frontend and backend plus everything in between developed from scratch to completion within the boot camp timeframe; he used technologies such as HTML5, CSS (with Flexbox, media query, bootstrap classes etc) and javascript/ Jquery for the front end, he modelled his database using MySQL workbench, the database modelling tool introduced to them during the bootcamp, Jquery/AJAX and MySQL database with PHP object-oriented programming (OOP) as his server-side programming language.

Please visit the project on http://moatcohorts.com.ng/eventps/ (its temporary location).

The project will be launched (i.e commercially available) with a different brand name on a new domain in some few weeks’ time. Please, feel free to take a tour of the platform by signing up as vendors or venue owner or event planner as he will appreciate your feedbacks before launching out fully.

The Industry is once again blessed with another brilliant software developer, ready to contribute his quota to the advancement of the trade in Nigeria. And to us at Moat Academy, we have done what we are set out to do: raising remarkable software developers and we are keenly watching to see Tolu have an accelerated career path in the industry just like some his predecessors from Moat Academy.

Please join our next cohort starting January 15, 2019 by applying on https://moatacademy.com/signup/apply  and let’s start you on your journey to becoming a remarkable software developer!