It’s the 10th Week! Our Cohort V Classic Participants are Developing Their Web Applications (Final Projects)

The journey that started barely 10 weeks ago has seen our Cohort Five participants being taken through the frontend application development to database modelling and design, and now server-side programming. After the second week, we featured two of them, Michael and Wisdom who shared their first three weeks’ experiences and also showcased their Week Two mini-projects as our custom is.

It is our joy to let you see how both ‘journeymen’ have since progressed to become software developers; developing their own applications:

Wisdom is developing a “special” forum we have called Demo Forum to protect his intellectual property as he intends to make it commercially available within the next few weeks when all the intended features would have been implemented. Though it is work in progress (WIP), please check it out by signing up and logging in to post comments (textual) and reply to existing comments on

Michael wishes to solve accommodation problem for the students in his alma mater by developing a platform he called “Easylodging” where students can easily find vacant rooms for rent. It is also a work in progress; please check it out: first, as a visitor by searching lodges by locations and secondly as a user by signing up to post vacant lodges for online visitor to see on

Putting all they learnt during the 10-weeks period into practice, participants developed a range of several interesting applications. Other web applications developed by participants of the cohort include “Teachify”; a platform to find private tutors, Carrygo”; a courier management system and so on.

We see a great future ahead of them all!

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