Moat Academy’s Alumnus, Wisdom launches

“We were made to choose our final project, and I decided to build a betting forum, …it was challenging, but I was able to achieve it”… Wisdom

Moat Academy: Can we meet you?

 Wisdom: My name is Wisdom Eromosele aka FATIBOBO;

Moat Academy: What were you doing before joining Moat Academy?

Wisdom: Nothing much, a little hustle here and there, I was just chilling in Calabar;

Moat Academy: How did you come across Moat Academy?

Wisdom: I saw an article online, the topic of the article was ’11 ways to learn programming in Nigeria’; Moat Academy was on the list. I visited their website and I was really impressed with what I saw, so I decided to give it a try, and thank God I did.

Moat Academy: What exactly do you want to achieve with the software development skills?

Wisdom: I want to solve problems; I want to start churning out applications that will make life easy for people in one way or the other.

Moat Academy: What was your biggest fear before coming to Moat Academy and what do you feel about it now?

Wisdom: Hmmm, everything about coding scared me, it was like jargons to me; but thank God for the wonderful instructors at Moat, coding has become so easy and interesting.

Moat Academy: How will you describe your experience in Moat Academy?

Wisdom: Wow… It was awesome, training was hands-on. The trainers were very patient with us. But it was also very hectic, so many assignments and class work. But at the end, it was worth it.

Moat Academy: What advice do you have for those coming into Moat Academy?

Wisdom: If you are lucky to be accepted into Moat Academy, you must be ready to work. Try as much as possible to do your assignments and class work, because it is for your own good. When it’s time to pick a project, go for something very challenging, it will only make you stronger. And if you get stuck along the way, you can easily ask the instructors for help.

Moat Academy:  What have you been able to achieve with the training?

Wisdom: Towards the end of the boot-camp we were made to choose our final project, and I decided to build a betting forum, it was tough, it was challenging, but I was able to achieve it, I am currently working with my team to promote the forum and to get investors. I’m also working on fatibobo bulk SMS platform ( and it will be ready soon, stay tuned.

Moat Academy:  Can you tell us more about the betting forum?

Wisdom: is one project that has so much potentials; betting is big business in Nigeria. Record shows that betting companies in Nigeria make billions of Naira every month, meaning that bettors are losing so much money. So I decided to create a platform where bettors in Nigeria can come together, upload their bet slips, analyze and scrutinize games together before they play so as to reduce their losses and increase winnings. is not for bettors only it is also a place where football lovers can discuss the beautiful game of football, it has live-score features and we are still planning to add more features to it.

Moat Academy:  Where do you see in the next 5 years?

Wisdom: Big, massive, at the very top. We will push it until it ranks among the top 5 most visited websites in Nigeria; hopefully we will be able to achieve this and more in the next 5 years.


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