Moat Academy Coding Demo Day

It is March 23, 2018 ,the last day of our coding bootcamp that started exactly 10 weeks ago and the atmosphere was electrifying with our excited participants that had built some amazing web applications during the programme to demonstrate their in-depth understanding of key modules where they had received training; from responsive design with bootstrap to Javascript and server-side programming with PHP among others.

They presented their projects one and after the other to a thunderous applause from the wowed audience. The following applications were presented:

Debate Naija by Afeh:  an application that allows users express their opinion and get reactions and comments from other users either in support or opposition.

Grassroot Support by Musty: A web application that allows footballers to showcase their talents through picture and video upload and also build their profile for football teams and agents to ‘head-hunt’ them

Naija Women by Victoria: an online forum where women can discuss issues pertaining to them

Cohort by Akugbe: a team collaboration platform

Parkland Records by Tega: an online application where artistes can showcase their products with a market place for the selling of the same.

The day was graced with the presence of one of the software development company in Lagos, Dipole Diamond Limited that engaged the trio of Afeh, Akugbe and Musty immediately after the presentation to commence their recruitment process.

Yes, once again we have delivered value to the system and looking forward to a brighter future for all the graduands.

You may click here to watch the presentations

Kudos to the Team!


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