Our Graduand, Dika Provides a Platform for Skilled University Students

When Unilancer, a platform developed by Dika Emmanuel Ututu is made public, skilled university students will have a cause to smile to the bank as their skills will generate wealth for them even while they are still on campus.

The product sprung up from his personal experience while he was also a student; he said, “the requirements from most freelancing platforms are difficult for students to meet”. Having a platform dedicated just for skilled students to ply their trade will go a long way so he longed towards providing a solution.

Dika’s dream of developing the freelancing platform became a reality during our just concluded bootcamp when he developed it from scratch to completion (using HTML5, CSS3 with some bootstrap classes to design its responsive User Interface, Javascript as client-side programming language, modelling the database with MySQL workbench and using PHP OOP, MySQL along with other technologies for the server side) within the boot camp time frame. He called it, Unilancer.

Unilancer is a one-stop shop where skilled university students can showcase their skills and create service/product offerings (called gig) and prospective clients /customers can transact business with them through it.

On the last day of the boot camp, July 05, 2019; Dika presented the application showcasing the features, how it works and how he deployed some technologies to achieve it.