Naheemah Develops a Web App, Tailors’ Hub and Recounts Her Experiences During the Last Boot Camp

Our cohort 14 Full Stack Development Boot Camp came to an end on August 14, 2020. However, before the end of the programme, one of the participants, Naheemah shared her journey through the boot camp with us as follows:

My name is Adeleke Naheemah and I am part of the cohort14 boot camp which started May 25th of 2020. I am currently in the last week of the program, so permit me when I call myself a software Developer in this write up (wide-grin).

My experience for the first two and half years after grad has solely been in the sales department of a retail industry. I was very fine until the urge to become more IT inclined came in. I researched and it wasn't long I found MOAT Academy. At first, I was paranoid having no prior experience or much computer skill (My PC was generally to send mails and do some other little things), but I was determined to switch. Luckily, I passed my phone interview and was selected. It was almost a dream come through.

The first week was amazing, and the subsequent week was even much better because every week, I keep getting better at what I was taught and moving forward in reaching my software development goal.

Naheemah’s first project: designing a school website with just HTML

The way the trainers took the class was even what made the learning fun. It was taught in such a way that you could easily understand, the slides are well explanatory and up till now, I still find my slides very useful.

Naheemah’s Second week project: A consultancy company's website with html and css

One of the many things I love about the training is the plenty exercises, I specially love it because it is a test to show how much I particularly understand the topic being discussed. I found out that even before leaving the classroom, with the help of the exercise , I already know where my weak point is and I can tell the trainer to please recap for better understanding on the subject matter, and also practice a lot at home. One of the advice I will tell any new participant is not to hate or see the class exercises as too much.

A responsive personal website designed by Naheemah at the end of the 3rd week

The morning career session is one of the things I love too. It tells you what to expect in the software development industry, how to set SMART goal, the grit and perseverance to move on when you are tired and so much more. Infact, it totally re-oriented me from what I used to believe.

Tailors' Hub: A web app that allows tailors to enlist and merchandise their products thus allowing prospective customers to browse through and make purchases

Right now, my family and friends are amazed by what I can do in just 11weeks of the program, and some people don’t believe I learnt all I know in 11weeks. This is an opportunity I am glad I am part of.


Barely two weeks after the boot camp, Naheemah got a job offer as a developer. Congratulations to Naheemah! and welcome to the industry.

We are happy to have stayed true to our commitment of raising remarkable developers that will contribute their quota to the software development industry and to the nation as a whole.

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