Our Alumnus, Franklin launches afterschooltutors.com.ng

Franklin Azuka graduated from Moat Academy in December last year and has a strong desire to make an impact with his software development skills.When the world got the shocking disruption from the coronavirus pandemic which affected almost every facet of life including the education sector, Franklin rose up to the occasion to pay it forward with his acquired skills from the boot camp by developing an application, now known as Afterschool Tutors.

According to him “Afterschool Tutors (www.afterschooltutors.com.ng) is a platform for teachers with deep passion for teaching and impacting knowledge to register for free and become part of our system and vision. Registration, listing of their qualifications, location and subject is put into consideration because this helps Parents/Guardians to find a Teacher based on certain criteria (proximity and others).

Franklin went further to state that afterschooltutors.com.ng focuses immensely on the growth and development of children after the regular school hours with the help of qualified professionals who are ready to give in their best to ensure that growth takes place.

Our visit to the platform shows that it caters for all tiers of child education from Nursery to Senior Secondary School and has been living up to its billing as some of the parents testified to how beneficial the innovative platform has been to them

Do you know a parent or a teacher, kindly share www.afterschooltutors.com.ng with them and if you are one, we encourage you to pay a visit to the site.

Once again, we are happy to have stayed true to our commitment of raising remarkable developers that will contribute their quota to the software development industry and to the nation.