Discover How Nathaniel Went From Learner to Pro

Nathaniel Oshoba, now works as a software engineer with a software company at Lekki, Lagos.

Nathaniel was a member of the Moat Academy Cohort 25 which ended on October 6, 2023.

With a humble beginning on July 3rd, 2023, when Cohort 25 started; he and other boot campers were taken through the basics of web application development and HTML, the first deliverable for them was a website for one of school or NGO to demonstrate the things they were taught in HTML.

The school website he designed at the end of the first week is shown below:

Nathaniel's first mini-project at the boot camp

When asked why he chose Moat Academy, he says: “I chose Moat Academy based on the result I saw in one of the alumni

From here, the journey into the industry began for him, gradually, he took giant strides on his road to mastery with experts’ guidance from our team. And, on the last day of the boot camp he presented a web application, Ninja Survey he developed using python flask.

Nathaniel said the reason he developed Ninja survey was to help reach out to many people who could help complete surveys and questionnaires without having to meet them physically and also eliminate the stress of having to print scores of questionnaire papers.

Below is his presentation of this ingenious project, Ninja Survey:

Nathaniel Presenting Ninja Survey

In our recent interview with him, he said “since gaining software development skills, things have changed positively because now I see a lot of opportunities that I can take advantage of

In his interview he concluded by saying: “My advice to those coming into Moat Academy is to be open-minded; there is a lot to learn. No matter how tough the situation is, it can only get better so, continue to give your best to the training at all point

We are happy that today, Nathaniel Oshoba is living his dream as a software engineer before the end of 2023.

When thinking of an accelerated career in software development, think Moat Academy!