Learn And Develop Real Life Web Applications In 13 Weeks

Yes, you can!

You can learn and develop real life web application (solving business and socio-economic problems) within 13 weeks. We have been raising software developers since 2016 with many of our alumni in various companies within and outside the country and some becoming software entrepreneurs ( some of our alumni are showcased here: https://moatacademy.com/pages/awards )

Moat Academy (www.moatacademy.com) is a software developer hotbed: we have created an environment that fosters rapid growth and high performance to make you become a remarkable developer even with no prior knowledge of software development.

Below are some of web applications developed by our participants at the last coding boot camp which ended on October 6th:

Nathaniel presenting Ninja Survey

Ninja Survey Developed by NathanielNinja Survey is an application that can be used to conduct any form of surveys. A user can create survey and make it available for others to help answer the survey.

Precious Presenting Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital by PreciousSmart Hospital allows medical personnel to register and attend to anyone who needs medical attention within their locality; users (patients) can have easy access to medical attention at the comfort of their home.

Joshua Presenting Crowdhelp

Crowdhelp by Joshua: Crowdhelp is a crowdfunding platform for health needs, where a user can create a project to allow others to donate towards it.

Michael Presenting Netwhat

Netwhat by Michael: Netwhat  is a Classified Advertising site where registered users can create awareness for what they do and also see what others are doing.

Shipn Logistics Developed by Habeebat

Shipn Logistics by Habeebat : Shipn Logistics is a web application that facilitates easy shipment of goods with an invoicing system.

Gas Easy by EsmondGas Easy is an online ordering System for cooking gas where users can easily find registered vendors in their neighbourhood and order products from them.

When thinking of an accelerated career in software development, think Moat Academy