Coding Demo Day: Presentation of Ninja Survey and Crowdhelp by Our Graduands

We concluded our Cohort 25 coding boot camp last week Friday, October 07, 2023 on a high note with our graduands demonstrating their knowledge, skills and abilities acquired over the period of the training. Web applications of their choice were developed and presented, among such were:

Ninja Survey by Nathaniel

Nathaniel Oshoba developed a web application he called Ninja Survey.
Ninja Survey is an application that can be used to conduct any form of surveys. A user can create survey and make it available for others to help answer the survey.

Nathaniel said the reason he developed Ninja survey was to help solve the need to reach out to many people that help answer questionnaires without having to meet them physically and also solve the stress of having to print plenty questionnaire papers.

Below is his presentation of this ingenious project, Ninja Survey:

Nathaniel presenting a Survey App he developed with python

Crowdhelp by Joshua

Joshua Olaniyan developed a web application he called crowdhelp.
Crowdhelp, a crowdfunding platform for health needs, where a user can create a project to allow others to donate towards it.

Joshua said the reason he developed this application was an event that occurred few years long where he was touched by the appeal from someone in need of medical aid through Instagram, he thought to himself, “what if there is platform that can help people in this situation raise fund from multiple donors with each donor donating just a meager that wouldn’t hurt” like it is said small drops of water can one day make big ocean.

Today, acquiring software development skills brought his dream to reality! Below is his presentation of this noble project:

Joshua Presenting a Health Crowdfunding Platform he developed with Python

Both applications were developed from scratch to completion before the end of the bootcamp using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Classes and Javascript ( Jquery) for the front-end and AJAX, MySQL RDBMS along with Python ( Flask) for the back-end.

We are happy to have stayed true to our commitment of raising remarkable developers that will contribute their quota to the software development industry and to the nation as a whole.