Moat Academy Launches a New Edtech Product, STEMonWeb to Mark 5th Anniversary

A study carried out by Inc. magazine and the National Business Incubator Association (NBIA) revealed that 80 percent of new businesses fail within the first five years. Clocking 5 years is great! Even greater is seeing us live up to the billing- having seen our Alumni work in several companies both locally and internationally as the new advocate of quality software development. Now, our success stories are too numerous to be listed in just one post!

Having achieved this milestone, we are forward-looking:
Microsoft estimates that there will be 149 million new technology jobs by 2025. There will be 1 million new jobs for privacy and trust, 6 million for cyber security, 20 million for data analysis, machine learning and AI, 23 million new cloud and data roles and 98 million software development jobs.

This projection of 98million new software development jobs is a clear indication that we still have so much on our hands to do.

Those we train are mostly products of our highly criticized educational system; and remember, we take them from the point of little or no prior knowledge in software development to the proficiency level that they can develop application software within 3 months.

Seeing many transition into employment almost immediately after our training is a whole lot of work we do! Kudos to the highly dependable team!

We thought of what we could do to make the road ahead easier, then we arrived at something to make the foundation of our future participants more solid as a way of contributing our own quota to improve the system.

So, we are celebrating 5 years of raising remarkable software developers by contributing to our Educational System with a new product, STEMonWeb to fuel Science, Technology and Innovation in Nigeria and beyond! is an interactive e-learning platform built following a typical social networking model to connect students, teachers and their parents so as to foster educative collaboration with a repository for user-generated educational video contents and other resources. It allows anyone to upload and browse contents. It has a built-in messaging system.