Temitope Develops a Web Application, Labscourer!

In the medical world, to properly diagnose an ailment; the help of medical laboratories are sought-after. Many times people travel distances to get to them or are even placed on long queues before being attended to. In the process of travelling or waiting, many medical conditions have deteriorated and at times have led to deaths.

Temitope Apatira (a member of cohort 17 Moat Academy), Medical Laboratory Science graduate, having worked at a Medical laboratory had first-hand knowledge of the above challenge, she decided to leverage on her newly acquired software development skills to solve the problem and save lives. She developed a medical laboratory location finder, where medical laboratories can enlist and the populace can search for them. With the webapp, people will no longer need to travel distances for services they can get nearby and better still they will have the ability to make choices especially when waiting is involved.

Temitope developed this web application using HTML, CSS with bootstrap classes and Javascript/ jquery for her front-end , while she modelled her database with mysql workbench and used PHP OOP as her server-side programming language with Ajax technology.

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