Teamwork Made Seamless With Taskmasta by Victor

Having worked with various teamwork project Management tools as a project manager, Victor Akintayo , a participant in our just concluded coding boot camp, Cohort 26 decided to develop one that will edge out some of the limitations/shortfalls of these tools and also gain power for its future extensibility in adding functionalities as the need arises so as to meet organizational specific needs rather than being boxed into off-the-shelf applications he has been constrained to use over the years.

Truly, Software development is liberalizing and its sphere of influence is unbounded; Victor, now a software developer developed the Teamwork project management tool which he called Taskmasta from scratch to completion before the end of the boot camp.

Taskmasta offers a cohesive environment that fosters collaboration, enhances efficiency, reduces manual efforts and empowers users to organize and execute tasks effectively across various projects or workflows

Below is his presentation of  Taskmasta:

He developed this application using HTML, CSS with bootstrap classes and Javascript/ jquery for the front-end, while he modelled his database with mysql workbench and used PHP OOP as his server-side programming language with Ajax technology.

Victor changed job after the training to become the Team Lead – Continous Improvement for one of the major bank in the country and is already taking a giant stride in software development. A big congratulations to Victor!

Once again, Moat Academy has stayed true to her commitment of raising top-notch software developers that will inculcate globally accepted best practices thus positively influencing the software quality in the country.