Watch Presentations at Our Last Coding Boot Camp

At Moat Academy Coding Boot Camp, participants are trained to the proficiency level that they can develop web applications on their own and in fact, they develop applications of their choices before leaving the boot camp.

Among applications developed at our last concluded Boot camp, Cohort 26 were:

Blogburst by Bolaji

Omobolaji Durojaiye developed an online publishing platform, he called Blogburst.

Blogburst is an online publishing platform that allows registered users to share their thoughts or express themselves by making posts or comment on other people’s posts. It also fosters social interaction where users can connect with one another.

Bolaji said he was motivated to develop this application because of large number of internet users that read blog regularly- “More than 77% of internet users read blogs “.

Below is his Presentation of Blogburst:

Bolaji presenting Blogburst he developed during the boot camp

Bolaji developed Blogburst with Python flask along with some other frontend technologies.

Wellpath by Adewale

Adewale Adegeye developed an Activity Tracking Application, Wellpath to help users keep track of their fitness goals with an incorporated journal. He chose to develop this application so as to encourage healthy lifestyle and help users to archive important records/events of their life.

Below is his Presentation of Wellpath.

Adewale presenting Wellpath , he developed during the boot camp

Adewale developed the application using PHP Object Oriented Programming along with other Frontend technologies