Victor Ekueme, a Veteran Python Developer with Visual Impairment Exhorts Our Cohort 22

Victor Ekwueme, a python developer with years of hands-on experience was at our office on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 as we wind down on cohort 22 boot camp to prepare our participants for the journey ahead of them.

The participants were expecting just a nudge from the session but got much more than they anticipated from Victor, they were all charged and challenged to see to it that they attain their set goals from his words of exhortations.

Victor started by giving an intro of himself; he had his first degree in Computer science from University of Lagos and later went ahead to acquire two master degrees in Computer science related field from the United Kingdom, then starting his career.

Victor later narrated the gradual loss of his sight and how he was able to brace up to face the daunting challenge to become a successful software developer. He told the participants that if he could achieve it, every one of them should.

He gave tips that have helped him along the way which they could emulate. Among so many others are the following:

  • Reading of books to stay motivated, he said “ if one can read books within one’s field of endeavor for 7 years , one would become an expert”
  • Good Time management: avoiding the distractions of social media
  • Staying and striving long enough. Programming may appear difficult at the beginning but if they stay and strive, they will succeed.
  • To cultivate the habit of trying out things, they should not be afraid to embark on software development projects.

He entertained questions from the participants afterwards:
When asked how he was able to rise above the challenge, Victor responded that `Success comes from within`, he encouraged himself, such that at the lowest point of his vision loss, he made up his mind never to quit and he has since developed several coping mechanisms in being effective at his job as a software developer.

We are happy that our participants have been well empowered with Technical, Soft and Life skills to actualize their dreams; we look forward to hearing their remarkable stories in the industry.