Our Alumnus, Sammy a Software Developer with Fidelity Bank Speaks with Cohort 22

Samuel Ehueriken , popularly known by us as Sammy, one of the members of our cohort 16 speaks to

Samuel Ehueriken, a Software Developer with Fidelity Bank. Member of Moat Academy's Cohort 16

our present cohort .

It was a brief and impromptu talk but the impact is still lingering long enough to inspire them.

Sammy, who currently works with Fidelity Bank as a Software Developer has worked with four indigenous companies and two foreign companies since graduating from Moat Academy on March 12, 2021. His stories since he left the academy intrigued his audience (our current participants) with many finding it hard to comprehend how he could have achieved so much in such a short stint. They listened with rapt attention and were highly motivated at the end of the day!

Sammy spoke to them on the importance of repetition as doing something over time makes it easier. He took a snap at the concept of grit they were taught during his Moat Academy’s boot camp days and how he found it useful as he climbs the career ladder.

He gave them many tips on what has helped him so far and encouraged them to trust the processes and procedures at Moat Academy, as many of which he has come to realize their importance in his career.

He thereafter entertained questions from the participants.

On Wednesday, November 26, 2022 as we round off Cohort 22 this week, we look forward to welcoming Victor Ekwueme, a software developer with years of hands-on experience with Chamsmobile to speak with our participants on how to prepare for their journey after the boot camp.