Become an Application Security Engineer in 2021!

A quick search on LinkedIn for Application Security jobs in the United States will yield over 73,000 results.

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A further check on on remote job roles for Application security yielded over 9,000 vacancies

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A further search on Jooble - (a world leader in job websites that gather vacancies from more than 71 countries) for application security engineer jobs posted in the last 7 days ,   yielded 170,601 vacancies.  A wider search on Application Security Specialist yielded more.


Due to the short supply of individuals with these in-demand skills, Application Security Engineers earn more money than Application Developers ( i.e Software Developers) and are in high demand, but the job requires additional training in security.

CertNexus, with its mission to closing the emerging tech global skills gap is teaming up with Moat Academy to bridge this huge gap.

At Moat Academy Secure Coding Boot camp, we equip individuals with programming experience with the much needed security skills to improve their ability to design and develop highly protected applications with confidence and further enable their transitioning to Application Security Engineers.

The training encompasses all you need to gain an entry into the Application Security Engineering role and be great at it. We cover the following:

▪ Identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities in software projects using Security by Design approach.
▪ Leveraging the OWASP Top Ten best practices to protect users and data.
▪ Going beyond OWASP Top Ten and applying Risk-based approach to elicit security requirements.
▪ Applying Static/ Dynamic Security Testing or Penetration testing
▪ Maintaining Security in Post-development phase. It also includes forensic investigation to find evidences after a breach;
▪ And, a veritable certification (Cyber Secure Coder by CertNexus) that is tenable anywhere in the world as you transition into your new career.
Are you a software developer that want more from your career than you presently have? Then, what are you waiting for?

Apply on and set up yourself for the global stage.

Training will be delivered by subject matter experts:

Abiola Ilupeju

Dr. Nhamo Mtetwa

Dimas Surya

Commencement Date: April 10, 2021
Duration: 4 Saturdays, 9am – 5pm
Pre-requisite: Programming experience required
Mode of Delivery: Blended Learning (onsite or online)
As a Participant, you also have the option to take the training both onsite and online; however, you must apply as either an onsite or online participant