Praise Develops an Online Food Ordering Application at the Last Boot Camp

2019 ended on a good note at Moat Academy with our cohort 13’s coding Demo day on December 20, 2019 where our participants showcased various web applications they developed from scratch to completion during the boot camp.

Among the participants was Praise Adekunle, (others will be featured in subsequent posts) who developed a food ordering application, Foodie that can be customized for any food vendor/restaurant to display their menu; allowing prospective customers to place order at their convenience.

He displayed great dexterity of the technologies he learnt with a beautiful graphic user interface using HTML 5 and CSS. He achieved the responsiveness of the interface with bootstrap classes and enhanced interactivity of the platform using JavaScript/jQuery, while he handled the backend using PHP 7 (Object Oriented Programming), AJAX and MySQL database.

The Application is commercially ready; interested food vendor/restaurant can request for customization to suit their need.

Moat Academy has once again stayed true to her commitment of raising remarkable developers: we look forward to an accelerated career for Praise.