Our Graduand, Uthman finds a solution to get rid of potholes on our roads

For Uthman Ojodu, one of the graduands from our last boot camp; making impacts in the society with software development skills is very important.

Potholes and damaged roads are major contributors to traffic congestion and they do lots of damage to vehicles plying them, the result is a longer commuting time than required and frequent visits to the mechanic workshops (this obviously affects the personal economies of car owners)

Finding a solution to ease these pain points for the populace was his goal when he decided to develop Road Report Application where commuters can report bad roads around them; allowing other road users to be pre-informed and make contingency plans before journeying on the respective roads. The application can also help relevant authorities to keep track of their maintenance duties.

Uthman was able to develop the application with the technologies he learnt at the boot camp such as HTML, CSS , bootstrap, Javascript/ jquery , MySQL database, AJAX and PHP; and on the last day he presented his first version (Minimum Viable Product) which was ready to go live.

With Road Report Application, it is now ‘one for all, all for one ‘, because everybody can now do their part in getting rid of the ugly road situation and nobody is actually left behind… Don’t complain, just report it!