Our alumnus, Kenneth speaks on life during and after the boot camp

“…I’ve hosted my first application which helps more that fifteen thousand applicants and a university administrative body manage their screening process”- Kenneth

Our alumnus, Kenneth Onaiwu (April 2019 cohort member) speaks on life during and after Moat Academy boot camp in this interview:

Moat Academy: Why did you choose Moat Academy for Developers?
Kenneth: At first, I chose Moat Academy because the training syllabus is rich, and the price tag is quite affordable. From my observation, I realized that the training environment is satisfying, and the tutors are widely experienced in their various fields and their training skills are awesome.

Moat Academy: How has things changed for you since gaining the software development skills?
Kenneth: Software development is a very attractive course because the world is gradually upgrading from the traditional ways of life into an automated process. From my experience so far, I realized that any software application built to tackle and solve a problem in our society is 100% welcome and appreciated by the society. After gaining my software development skills with the help of Moat Academy, I realized that commitment is a very serious task that must be considered to enable us accomplish a particular project, time management and self discipline is a big project on its own; how I was able to accomplish and launch my first application was by the grace of God, but I have taken a decision to always be a manager of myself and my activities.

Implementation is not as easy as it was during my training, though my mindset then was that my tutors were pushing us so hard within a short period of time, but being in the field with no tutor to help me manage my time and project is very demanding and confusing, I’ve been very careful.

Moat Academy: What was your biggest fear before coming to Moat Academy and what do you feel about it now?
Kenneth: My biggest fear was to work on an application on my own and to enable it to be accessed worldwide, thanks to Moat Academy’s commitment in my dream. Today, I’ve hosted my first application which helps more that fifteen thousand applicants and a university administrative body manage their screening process. The appreciation/recommendation after using the application is beautiful and encouraging.

Moat Academy: How will you describe your experience at Moat Academy?
Kenneth: Studying with more than 10 intelligent people in my cohort is not an easy task, most especially when you are not getting a particular line of code and others are done with it. But these challenges are what actually brought us closer and stronger together. Thanks to the tutors who always gave listening ears; they always guide and encourage me; I can’t stop thanking them.

The unstoppable weekend projects really gave me a lot of sleepless nights - during my training, I was in a different world, my relationship with friends was cut down to the minimum, most of my friends thought I was purposely avoiding them, they couldn’t understand that I was in the war front of software development. All these experiences are not wasted, and they are actually the fuel to my dream.

Moat Academy: What have been able to achieve with the training?
Kenneth: I’ve achieved so much from the training; Self-confidence, project management, debugging skills, project hosting, development/implementation of complicated application from scratch.

Moat Academy: What advice do you have for those coming into Moat Academy?
Kenneth: Like what a wise man will always say; you have to unlearn to learn. Don’t compete with your colleagues in class, compete with your doubts/fears. Don’t keep malice in a learning environment, always carry an open heart. Malice and anger can only discourage you and you might end up forgetting your initial purpose of learning. What brought you to Moat Academy is nothing compare to what you can achieve after your course.

Moat Academy: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Kenneth: I see myself developing and implementing an application that we need in our nation.