“I got my first job as a software developer less than 2 weeks after my completion of Moat Academy training” – Aribo ‘Toba

Below is the excerpt from an Interview we had with one of our ex-trainee at Moat Academy, Aribo Oluwatoba (Now works as a Developer with dipoleDIAMOND Ltd)

Moat Academy (MA): Can we meet you?

My name is Aribo Oluwatoba, I am a graduate of Civil Engineering and have a love for how things work.

MA: What were you doing before joining Moat Academy?

Toba: Just like most Nigerian graduate, job hunting after service.

MA: How did you come across Moat Academy?

Toba: I was searching across the internet for a good boot camp where I could get trained on software development.  Several search led me to Moat academy. I came across the advert again on Nairaland. I was scared, but I just gave it a shot. “You wouldn’t know how good the taste is until you try it out”, I consoled myself.  It ended up the best decision I have taken.

MA: What exactly do you want to achieve with the software development skills?

Toba: I want to reach the pinnacle of the IT industry, and in the shortest time possible. I am somewhat a latecomer though, yet I strive to be able to build software that is scalable, matching any standard across the world.

MA:  How has your life changed since gaining software development skills?

Toba: It has changed tremendously. Since I completed my National Youth Service Corp program in October 2016, I got my first job as a software developer less than 2 weeks after my completion of Moat Academy trainings. The kind of training given at Moat Academy prepares us with the skills and requirements to function effectively in any software developer position you encounter. The confidence imparted to us is a plus.

MA: What was your biggest fear before coming to Moat Academy and what do you feel about it now?

Toba: How could I gather two years’ experience within ten weeks? I feared. It seemed impossible. I remember vividly during the introductory classes, I asked that question with skepticism. After checking the curriculum, the fear grew fatter. “ Abi this people dey ‘bobo’ us?” (English meaning: is this a joke?), I wondered. After intensive classes, assignments upon assignments, and projects, it became clearer: it was very achievable. Right now, the fear has turned to confidence today.

MA: How will you describe your experience in Moat Academy?

Toba: It was a lovely one.  The knowledge imparted to us was standard. The hospitability was second to none.  In fact everything we got out was a worth it, even worth more than we put in. I looked forward to every day. The environment was lively too. I made good friends with a lot of people. In fact, we still keep contacts till today.

MA: What advice do you have for those coming into Moat Academy?

Toba: Well, my advice to them is to be diligent. That’s all it takes. There is one thing I am very certain of; Moat Academy will do their best. The rest lies with you. What you make out of the training is a measure of how much efforts you put in. Give your best to life, in due season, life will give its best back to you.

MA: What have you been able to achieve with the training?

Toba: I achieved a lot. At the end of the training, I was able to build a forum for engineers, where they can come together to help themselves through challenges in the industry. Too much for a 10 weeks trainee you think?

Two weeks after finishing with the training, I landed a software developer position. I’m learning and growing everyday with industry experts now. Moat has set the foundation I lay my career on now.

MA: What is your future outlook in software development industry?

Toba: The IT world is growing every day. There are new technologies and software emerging every day that ease the way people live and Nigeria is part of this movement. There are lots of potentials and it is wise to join the train. Software development is growing and will continue to grow.

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