Course Modules

Web Application Development

Investment Amount : N200,000

  • 5.0
This training comes with some special modules such as Version Control using Git, Software Engineering and Career Services. These aim at arming you with all the skills you need in your software development journey ...

In this course, you will learn how to create dynamic and interactive websites using PHP and how to manage databases with PHP. You will go from building mere websites to web applications by learning how to authenticate users, manage sessions, manage emails, manipulate files, validate forms, develop APIs, connect to web services and other advanced topics in PHP

This course takes a deep dive into building interactivity into your application through Ajax and many more. You will be taught the concept of Model-View-Controller using codeigniter framework. You will be required to build your own application using all the things you have learnt.

Course Details

  • Innerworkings of Web Applications
  • HTML Inline and Block Level Elements
  • HTML Tags for Text Placement
  • HTML Forms
  • Multimedia, Images and Links
  • HTML Formating
  • Laying out your webpage using HTML Tables

This package will arm you with those important skills you need to hit your dream software development job. Services include CV, LinkedIn profile re-writing and Interview Coaching etc

Even with little or no prior knowledge of software development you can fit into our curriculum. We are more interested in participants that will be dedicated and diligent in the programme which increases their chances of excelling in the software industry, than just affordability of the tuition

  • Any Graduate or Undergraduate with passion for Technology or Software Development
  • Anyone who needs a change in career and wants to learn how to develop dynamic web content through data driven pages with PHP.
  • Experienced users will also benefit from the many tips and tricks, and special exercises.PHP developers needing to expand their PHP capabilities