About Us

About Moat Academy

Moat Academy was birthed to solve two major problems in the software industry:

  • To bridge the gap between the academics and the industry by making as many unemployed to become employable applicants
  • To improve the quality of locally developed software by raising developers that will inculcate globally acceptable best practices in their software
Gone are the days where people thought; to be a software developer is a rocket science or you must be a geek or mathematician, we have been in this business for years and we can boldly say - software development is just like any other trade that can be learnt. We are an intermediate in bridging the gap between our higher institutions and the industry so that the unemployed can be armed with skills that can solve real life problems thus, making them fit for the industry’s need. Our approach is more of an apprenticeship where you learn software developments from experts in the field and it is 100% practical and job-oriented. Our curriculum have been designed in a way that our graduands can hit the ground from day one and run in any software company in the world; making them highly demanded professionals by employers.

Why Bootcamp?

The bootcamp is to make you job-ready. You learn so much in the 10-weeks in software development than you have in your entire 4-year stay in the higher institution as we bring real life scenario into our workshop, help you learn how to learn in a progressive manner, teach you problem-solving reasoning with design thinking and more importantly you will have the opportunity to build a forum/network where you will learn from others so your journey as a software developer is smooth all the way.

What We Want to Achieve with You

It is in our plan to raise top-notch software developers that can ply the trade with excellence anywhere in the world and lead the new generation in the software industry, making landmark achievements globally.

    Our Goals are to:

  • increase your Employability
  • enable you engage in freelance job activities
  • make you a successful entrepreneurs